Business Finance Consulting

Business Finance Consulting

Sometimes, you can do everything right in your business yet not see the results you were hoping for. That’s when an outside perspective is critical to help identify what’s hiding in plain sight.

Any company’s finance team has a lot of tasks to cover, from internal audits to reporting to strategic planning and forecasting. At Empirical Consulting Solutions, we offer business finance consulting by adding additional firepower to your existing team and ensuring you’re managing your money for maximum business benefit.

How We Can Help

We offer a variety of finance consulting services to upscale your business’s operations:

  • Strategic Planning

This involves identifying your company’s overarching objectives and allocating its resources in a way that helps it achieve them. The right strategic planning will set the tone for your company for years to come, influence its growth trajectory, and engage both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Reporting and Performance Management

Your external reporting framework must comply with IFRS standards and accurately convey the company’s performance to its stakeholders. For internal reporting purposes, having systems that accurately track performance can help identify areas of improvement.

At Empirical Consulting Solutions, our business financial consulting involves building tracking dashboards that closely monitor revenues and costs and pinpoint the reasons for unexpected dips and spikes.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Often, vertical or horizontal integration can upscale your operations and help achieve economies of scale. Other times, venturing into an entirely new business segment can be a lucrative opportunity. However, the wrong acquisition can prove to be detrimental to your company.

Our business and finance consulting includes assessing potential M&A targets for your company and evaluating the correct target price for which to initiate acquisition. We also assist in strategic integration to ensure that your company’s work culture and employee identity aren’t upended due to merging with a new entity.

  • Risk Assessment

Your business faces various risks, such as market, credit, liquidity, operational, and reputational risks. It is critical to assess the financial impact of these risks, evaluate the loss they can cause, and put in sufficient buffers to deal with them.

Our experts are skilled in financial risk management and can assist your team in forecasting risks and preparing a suitable mitigation strategy.

  • Technology (ERP)

In today’s digitized market landscape, even the smallest businesses need to have adequate technological integration to bring their core processes and operations together.

Our finance consulting services include evaluating your business needs and installing an ERP system that cuts down on costs and streamlines your operations.

At Empirical Consulting Solutions, we offer business consulting online to help upskill your team, magnify your strengths, and cover any missing angles. Our consulting services encompass marketing, sales, operations, finance, and HR divisions to provide a one-stop-shop solution to your problems.

Unlike other small business consultants, we don’t sit on the sidelines and observe your business practices. We become a part of your team and work hard to turn your plans into reality.

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